"Whether you track time in real time, or at the end of the day, Hours Tracking is great and works for everybody."
- Rebecca I. - Project Manager
Affordable One-Click Time Tracking
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Hours Tracking is a real-time billable hours tracker designed to make timekeeping quick and easy for everyone on your team. With Hours Tracking, you're tracking time as you work. Invoicing your clients is faster and easier. And you have the accurate, up-to-the-minute time tracking data you need when you need it.
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Freelancers and Teams
Hours Tracking makes it easier to keep tabs on your time. Hours Tracking's easy, one-click operation means fewer interruptions and faster, more efficient timekeeping. A whole new kind of online time clock, Hours Tracking has been designed with you in mind. Because it runs in a browser, Hours Tracking stays out of your way. Your color-coded dashboard gives you an up-to-the-minute look at hours worked so far this week.

You can edit any running timer without stopping it. Close your browser and your timer keeps running. If you forget to start, stop or swap timers, it's easy to enter your time manually. Real-time data capture means you won't forget to enter your hours, so you get paid for every minute of your hard work.

Project Managers
With Hours Tracking, you get the accurate, real-time data you need when you need it. More closely monitor project budgets and progress. More effectively allocate resources and keep tabs on employee workloads. Build customer trust and loyalty by answering clients' critical questions on the fly.

Need to know how many hours your team has worked this week? This month? The dashboard shows you individual and total hours logged for the time period you need. One click gives you a breakdown for each employee by project.

Billing, Payroll and Administration
Whether you're a one-man show or a 100-member team, Hours Tracking simplifies one of the most important parts of running your business: tracking time. With a single click, your team tracks hours by client, project and employee. Through easy project setup and real-time monitoring, Hours Tracking helps you make smarter, more informed business decisions. Customizable exports dramatically streamline your invoicing and payroll processes.

For just $1 per user, per month, you get unlimited clients, projects and users; powerful reporting; and the ability to generate detailed invoices when and how you want to. You've got to admit that's a pretty great deal.